Noir Series


Influenced by pulp crime paperback cover illustrations from the 1940's, '50's and '60's, the Noir Series explores narrative themes within both a nostalgic and modern context. Inspired by such book cover artists as Robert McGinnis, James Avati, Stanley Meltzoff and Robert Bonfils, I explore emotional extremes in the tradition and context of past storytelling.


Drawing upon my experience in animation and design, I see the power of the single, still image in conveying a much larger story. The image, along with the title, come together to show a dramatic moment in time. A scene from an imagined story. Filled with ambiguity and possibility, it allows the viewer to have an active role in the construction of the story.


The process is very direct. I make sketches and discuss various story ideas with the models, who play a dynamic, collaborative role in the process. Props enhance the communication and theatrics of the narrative. While some aspects, poses and ideas are pre-planned, I make every effort to allow for spontaneity during the modeling session. Sometimes the best moments are the ones that happen between poses.


Nude Series - Pleasure and Pain


My "Pleasure and Pain" series consists of medium and large oil paintings that explore the emotional extremes of the human experience. Using nude models to add to the vulnerability of the subject, I capture their emotional range from uncontrollable laughter to rage to devastation. Each pose and dramatic facial expression come together with the composition and color to communicate the duality of these emotions.


Working in close collaboration with my models to create the specific image, I try to communicate past the nude image on the canvas to tell a story through this frozen moment in time. I paint to show the beauty in all human emotions. Whether the obvious beauty of laughter or the subtle beauty of sadness, I attempt to give the viewer a window into the psyche of the painted subject and at the same time, themselves.


Questions about any of my artworks are always welcome.